WANUNUL The Meherpur Sadar Upazila Amjhupi Union, Amjhupi village in the 8th ward of the sudden neighborhood of about 65 families, all these people in Gula usually sell their labor to run the family, they can not help any help.  All these poor families do not have a proper toilet in Gula and defecate in the playground and in the toilet.

The area is polluted due to excretion of feces and urine in one of the tea stalls.  Subah Social Development Agency conducted a baseline survey and identified 27 poor families in the project of providing sehmipaka toilets to the Bangladesh NGO Foundation with special allocation for the financial year 2019-2020.  5.00,000 (five lakh) out of 26 families without any cost!  27 Healthy Side Nile Help Lone

Basic Literacy Project (64 Districts) The Basic Literacy Project (64 Districts) project was implemented in Gangni Upazila of Meherpur District with the implementation of Subah Social Development Organization in collaboration with the Department of Non-Formal Education

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